Yeshiva institution describes University of Sacramento School of Health and Technology Alliance (USSHTA) style to education and our assurance to empower students of every background. The university's underpinning is grounded on our Vision and Mission, and echoes the shared interpretations of our organization.The USSHTA is internationally known as a premier Yeshiva School of Higher Education, a university with a global standpoint that instructs thought provokers who will design and form a humane and just world for all.The university's mission is to encourage education in the yeshiva tradition. The academia offers apprentice, undergraduate, graduate and professional students the information and tools needed to flourish as professionals to be productive member of our global society in science, medicine, and technology. We confront obstacles and challenges in our world every day, it's our primary aim to synergize our action plans and syndicate our strengths in combating them with our intelligence and training.We will encourage a global venue to learn from each other, in gathering our forces to help the mankind. Knowledge is no longer a proprietary commodity, it belongs to all.The university differentiates itself as an ethnically diverse and socially responsible learning center of high quality knowledge base and academic consistency continued by a confidence which promotes a global value of justice. We are an international body of students, faculty, alumni and administrators. We are global nation working collectively to make a better global social community. We have affiliation with 128 Internationally known academic institutions, measured and contributed by 209 faculty members across the world in professional, continued Medical Education, Schools of Allied Health Sciences, as well as Health Care facilities striving to contribute to the Health Education and Research & Development.

Value Statements and Essential Standards

The University's essential standards is founded on a confidence and a promise into evolving:
  • The yeshiva practice that assesses confidence and motive as harmonizing capitals in the search for truth and faithful human progress, which it salutes peoples of all faiths and beliefs as entirely under writing partners to the ideals of the University;
  • The autonomy and the accountability to trail truth and follow the accurate path to its decision;
  • We study how to cultivate our social movement rather than a modest exercise;
  • A shared good that exceeds the benefits of people or groups; and coherent response for pronouncement;
  • Multiplicity of viewpoints, involvements and traditional ethnicities vital mechanisms of an excellent education in our diverse university;
  • Brilliance as the typical for our communicating teaching, subsidy, imaginative appearance and provision to the Academia and the public;
  • Communal accountability in satisfying the University's assignment to generate,interrelate,interconnect and apply information to a common world by all individuals and seized in trust for forth coming groups and generations to come;
  • The ethical height of each substantial human choice: captivating utterly in what way and who we select to be in the world we live in;
  • The complete, essential growth of each person and all peoples, with the trust that no specific person or group may lawfully flourish at the cost of others; construct in a sustained community pledges and accomplishments;
  • An expanded philosophy of facilities that compliments and endorses the self-esteem of everyone, regardless of faith, ethnicity or nationality.

Tactical Creativities

The subsequent creativities are the main objectives of the body of this academia.in attaining the acknowledgement as a premier yeshiva, urban and globally interconnected center of excellence:
  • Recruit and retain a diversified conjoined systems and academic leaders of unresolved excellence, instructor- scholars and a diverse, exceedingly competent, service-oriented group of provider, in which they are all dedicated to progress the University's Vision, Mission and Standards;
  • Register, care and progress a diversified scholar body, which validates high academic accomplishments, progressive goals, robust management competencies, care for the fellow man, and an understanding of empathy towards the unfortunate global members of our international societies. To care for the weak.
  • Deliver as astriking and expanded campus atmosphere which expands virtually across the globe, and the capitals to endorse learning throughout the University:
  • Knowledge capitals and consequences that inspire program and backing scholarship;
  • Expertise results to improve knowledge and advance our facilities;
  • Accommodations to pro vision unresolved and brilliant instructive programs;
  • Endure to reinforce the University's fiscal capitals to support its didactic assignment and requirements.